Objects tell a story. They connect us to the past,

they help us aspire to the future.



When I was small my Dad was always making someone a new leather accessory, a belt, wallet or even a briefcase. His job took him away from home for large chunks and he passed the time off duty by saddle stitching leather. I inherited this need to always have busy hands. 

After attending Pratt Institute for Industrial Design I found myself working in a leather shop busting out guitar and camera straps for Heavy Leather NYC. I was hooked! I couldn't get enough of this craft and asked my Dad to mail me some of his old leather tools to use on my own. It turns out they were actually my Grandfather's tools. 

I began experimenting with these hand tools, finding new uses and applications. Like my father, I started making leather gifts for friends and family and filled my own lifestyle needs with wallets, bags, dog collars etc. 

Many of my friends and colleagues from Pratt were starting their own businesses, making products, having pop-ups, and so I jumped in as well. 

My grandfather probably wouldn't recognize a few of the products (cord keepers come to mind) but the markings from the past are still there, just in a new configuration.



Growing up at the foothills of the North Cascades, caring for and valuing the planet is in my DNA. Getting educated at Pratt in Brooklyn on sustainability and product life cycles has strengthened my conviction on the necessity of quality well made products that leave a minimal impact. Each day there is an opportunity to make an impact through choice. THESE ARE THE CHOICES WE'RE MAKING:

Studio Production - Each product is made by hand in this tiny studio - Made in small batches with meticulous attention to detail - Made to last and last. Leather is an inherently perfect material for this, known for its longevity and aging. 

American Factories - We are committed to supporting American factories and businesses. We source our leather from a tannery in Pennsylvania, which has been around since the 1800s. 

Vegetable Tanned Leather- is a process of taking a raw material and making it into usable leather through natural plant-based tannins. This process is quite different from other tanning processes, which use toxic heavy metals. We source from an American tannery exclusively focused on vegetable tanned leather. 

Nontoxic Materials - Water based non-toxic dyes and finishes are exclusively used to color and condition the leather. We especially love the yummy smelling leather balm that is made right here in Washington. 

Reuse & Deadstock - We reuse packing materials and ensure they can be recycled. We are also a big fan of deadstock. These materials would be considered waste until we pick them up for limited edition products.

Close to Home - Every effort is made to find hardware and finishings as close to the studio as possible. This cuts down on the impact of transportation and shipping and the overall carbon footprint of the product. 

Affordability- A lot of the time "sustainable" products have an added premium. We believe ethical products are for everyone and have made the choice to keep our prices competitive without a green "up charge."